Oh, pleasure!

This is one of those lovely occasions when you get to work with a talented director + team on a commercial where everybody is engaged to let their creativity flow. It all started with this crazy call by JP Frenay, telling me about this 1500 lightbulbs installation with 60000 watts and the idea of creating parts of the music from lightbulbs and….¬† Eeeeh, see for yourself in the Making Of here.

Client: CPH Banque
Marketing Director: Paul Henrotte 
Marketing: Caroline Blangenois

Production: Bang Bang Club
Creative Director, Director: Jean-Paul Frenay
Producer: Geoffroy Rouffiange
Production Manager: Charly Calicis

DOP/Steadycam: Gerd Schelfhout
Focus Puller: Gaetan De Poorter 
Video assistant: Letizia Giorgi
Gaffer: Tom Van den Abbeele 
Electrician: Bram 
Key Grip: Frederic Lecocq
Crane Grip 1: Benoit Facon
Crane Grip 2: Ben Spaepen
Art Director: Pierre Renson
Art Direction Crew: Jean-Christophe Pirlot, Bernard Coyette, Jean Troubat, Arthur Renson, Valentine Renson, Nicolas Putman
Craft Table: Yves Houtmann, Louise Dubois
Making Of: David S. Prudhomme, Sebastian Heit
(Run & Heit)
Photographer: Filip Vanzieleghem
Catering: JC Martens
Piano Hands: Jean Quériat
Previz & Post Production: Nozon
Edit: Aaron Fuks
Grading: Olivier Ogneux
Online: Ann Vandenbussche

Music & Sound Design: Audionerve