We are more than proud to have contributed a tiny tiny part in the realization of these wonderful titles by From Form and Part Of Something for the 2013 OFFF Conference in Barcelona.

With a huge thank you to Ben Lukas Boysen who is responsible for the composition of those lovely melodies. The celli you can sense in the background were recorded at our place.

Concept, direction and screenplay
: Ashley Govers, Jurjen Versteeg and Wouter Keijzer at From Form
Wouter Keijzer

Color correction and visual effects
: Jurjen Versteeg
Set design
: Ashley Govers

Music and Sound Design: Ben Lukas Boysen
Cello Performed by 
Cordula Grolle
Recorded at Audionerve

Drawings: Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller
: Nick Smith
: Caspari de Geus